Sunday, February 18, 2018

Triple the Fun

This week we had so much fun with three special events.  Unfortunately we had several children who were home sick which is why the number of youngsters shown on the blog is small. 

The first celebration was Valentine's Day.  Our focus was on love for families and friends.  We made beautiful mail holders to bring home our valentines.  Each child was able to distribute his/her own valentine cards.  All week the children traced and cut hearts which is great for eye-hand coordination, pencil grip, cutting skills and fine motor development.  They worked on dot to dot valentine math sheets for number recognition of 1 to 25 and solved valentine mazes which challenged the thought process.  A terrific party was enjoyed with "goodies" to eat.  We thank all parents who sent in or offered to send in special snacks.

Our next treat was a visit from Animal Craze.  The cuties consisted of a goat, a miniature pot belly pig, ducks, rabbits and chickens.  They were absolutely adorable.  All of our Whole Notes had a chance to pet the animals and feed the goat.  A discussion on kindness to animals took place in our circle time.

The biggest hullabaloo by far was centered around Chinese New Year.  As you can see, our attire for the parade were Chinese hats (requiring lots of cutting by the group) and masks.  Due to our absences, friends made hats and masks for each other.  A special school get together with Chinese cookies, dumplings, rice cakes, oranges and fruit salad was delightful to all.  Miss Pae-Hsuan and Miss Yuting told us all about the holiday with stories, noise makers and dance.  How interesting, even for the teachers.  What a wonderful week at the Suzuki Preschool!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Presidsents

Ask your preschooler what he/she has learned about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln this week.  With President's Day coming up, these two politicians paid us a visit.  Their comments were brought down to the level of ages 4 and 5.  For example we learned not only that Washington was the first president, but also how he wore a wig and had wooden teeth causing him to never smile.  The highlight was how George chopped down his father's cherry tree when he was a boy and told his Dad the truth when confronted.  Teachers seize upon these types of opportunities to impress upon youngsters how we will all still love them even if they do  something wrong as long as their guilt is admitted. Cherry trees were planted with the help of coke bottles being dipped into paint.

The class chuckled with glee upon learning of Lincoln's height and how his wife had to have a special size bed made for him in the White House (8 feet long).  Our discussions about Abe included his love for books and how he walked bare foot to borrow some.  Our main focus here was on equality for all no matter what you look like-another golden teacher opportunity to emphasize respect for one another.  Out models of Lincoln's log cabin house  created by our architects/builders can be seen in the hallway.

A math lesson on the value of coins was presented.  Children used magnifying glasses to view them close up along with paper money.  Everyone did coin rubbings which is great for strengthening small motor development.

In between you will see an original idea of using construction straws to design the numeral 4 and friends using their reading readiness skills to match up the pictures that rhyme.  The Whole Notes are having a great time!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Variety of Activities

Another busy week has gone by in the Whole Notes Room.  As mentioned in last week's blog, we continued our theme of animals in winter.  This time we focused on penguins, owls and groundhogs.  The legend of the groundhog and whether or not spring will come early was of great interest!  Helene celebrated her 5th birthday in style with delicious cupcakes.  Miss Bonne paid us a visit with her parrot Getty.

Please remember that circle time will now be at 9:30 AM daily.  Also you need to sign in when you bring your child to school.  The sign in sheet in the hallway is required by EEC.  Put your initials and the time your child is brought in to school.  The other sheet is for our children only to write their names.  This task teaches them responsibility.  Also please take home any art work placed in the  cubbies.  Thanks for helping us make our program run smoothly!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Animals In Winter

This week we focused on animals in winter.  It is amazing to hear what facts the class already knows.  They absorb new information much like sponges absorb liquids.  For whatever reason animals and their habits are of much appeal to children-what the animals eat, where they sleep, what is dangerous for them and more.

In the pictures you will see the creating of snakes ready to hibernate in their burrows.  Bears are being made to sleep in snow covered caves where they will not only rest but also give birth to babies.  Nocturnal bats can be seen with their wings folded around them as they sleep upside down.  Can you hear the bats using echo location to find prey?  Watch for the beavers protecting themselves for winter in their habitat.  We learned how the beaver's teeth cut into trees, how their tails are used for swimming and padding down mud and how the lodges have both front and back doors.  The animal topic was so well received that the teachers will continue it into next week.  There will be more books put out about each species and more stuffed animal replicas for dramatic play.

Along with this art, literature and science taking place, there are academic activities.  Some friends are writing in the Handwriting Without Tears books.  Others are putting picture stories in the correct order to practice sequencing.  More Whole Note children are doing math with dominoes.  Two friends are having a pizza party in dramatic play.