Sunday, November 10, 2019

A World Of Peace

On this week's blog you will see photos of our main theme which was Veteran's Day in preparation for Monday's holiday.  Jackie told the class the story about her Dad and why he was awarded the purple heart medal.  Every youngster had a chance to see this impressive award close up along with a set of dog tags.  We then took this topic down to a preschooler's level of understanding.  We focused on being brave in tough situations and most especially on keeping peace in our lives.  This peace extended to being kind to others and making sure we all get along with one another.
Hopefully you saw the bird of peace puppet-a white dove- that came home with your child.  There are pictures of friends cutting out the dove which was a hard task due to its shape.  Others are coloring the dove or gluing on feathers.  We chose to use red, white and blue to be significant of the colors of America.
At the end of the week, not on the blog, we all created a page in our journals about peace.  The group could choose to copy from word cards with pictures and writing such as a peace sign, the world, hearts and the like.The teachers felt this lesson about bravery, peace and respect for those who protect us was most valuable.
Idris is featured with objects for the letter "H".  He is playing the harmonica and wearing a hat.  His family really "went to town" finding so many items for the box.  Teacher favorites were an animal who hibernates and the huge hamburger complete with cheese, pickles, onions and hot sauce.
The other blog pictures this week show your youngsters at play.  You might ask your son or daughter to tell you what is happening where he/she is shown.  Keep in mind, as we wrote in an earlier blog, play is children's work and the way in which they learn.  They are not only using their imaginations, they are also cooperating with others, designing, planning and negotiating which are all important social skills.
Next week we will begin our Thanksgiving unit which includes a surprise project for our families.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Witches, Ghosts and Goblins

Our blog begins with Jayden presenting the letter box for"G".  It was not the easiest letter to work with .  However Jayden's family came to the rescue and helped him.  He is holding a special grater.                     Jayden told us he had fun doing the letter box with Mom and Dad.

The rest of the blog speaks for itself.  Your children are the stars of our Halloween celebration.  This is best summed up by the words of a song your preschoolers have been singing all week which goes as follows:
Witches, ghosts and goblins ( or substitute other characters)
Stealing down the street
Knock on every doorway
Trick or treat.
When the door is open
This is who you'll meet
Scary creatures shouting
Trick or treat.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Squirrels, Birthdays and Halloween

On this week's blog the pictures are bits of many things all put together to give you a view of our fantastic week.  We started with a little science-studying squirrels.  Many details were discovered, perhaps even some that you might  not know.  For instance, squirrels wrap themselves up in the tail when wet.  They also use the tail as an umbrella and to balance when flying.  Do you know how many toes are on the front legs as opposed to the back legs?  With screaming and purring for communication, squirrels are very vocal.  Squirrel families live in what is called a dray.  Books about squirrels were read.  Songs about them were sung.  Photos were enjoyed.  Finally each preschooler created a squirrel by choosing from various shapes of colored paper and putting them together with scissors, glue and imagination.  They are on a school bulletin board.  Talk to your child.  You can learn more about these wild creatures that were our focus.  Idris imitated the noise he heard a squirrel make outside the Needham Art Center.  He did a good job.  You will see Nora writing about squirrels in her journal.

The class began Halloween fun by making ghosts out of napkins.  Circles were cut first for faces.  Hopefully this Halloween creation is now hanging in one of your windows.    A Halloween story called "I Like Pumpkins" was chosen.  It showed us various shaped pumpkins.  We got very busy tracing squares, circles, ovals and rectangles to cut out and put in our window.  (There is that cutting practice again and eye-hand coordination tracing).  You will notice the various colors of the pumpkins.  Look in your supermarkets.  Pumpkins  are not always orange and certainly they do not start growing on the vine in the color orange-a little more scientific information for the kids.  The pumpkins became jack o'lanterns with individual ideas.  You will observe coloring sheets with pumpkin shapes put out on our art/writing table during free choice time.    Some of you may think this is a waste of time and not creative.  However a child never learns how to color in the lines unless given this opportunity.  This activity also teaches spatial relationships.

Finally we celebrated our first Whole Note 5th birthday.  Brady's family came in and read us a book and brought delicious birthday treats.  Thank you to Brady's Mom and Dad.

Moving right along the alphabet, Karsin presented the letter box for "F" and did a phenomenal job.  Next week we will continue our Halloween laughter which includes talk about Halloween safety.