Monday, June 10, 2019

A Great Year...

We are giving summer birthday friends a chance to celebrate the five year old milestone before school is over.  On our blog you will view pictures of Elsa's and Annika's birthdays.
As this is our last blog for the year, there are final photographs of all the class members.  On our last pizza day this past Friday, everyone enjoyed an ice cream party thanks to Annika's Nanny.  We chose to also post a peek at this very popular activity.
The Whole Note children have had a wonderful year.  So much social, emotional, physical and academic growth has taken place.  Many friendships have been formed, some of which will last a lifetime.  The teachers have loved each and every child entrusted to them.  We thank all of you families for your kind words and support of our program and for sharing with us your most precious possessions, your children.  For us as teachers, this work has truly been a labor of love. 
Have a great summer.  Please come back to visit us!  Remember that graduation is Friday, June 14th, at 11:30AM.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

With Imagination...

We were not able to put out a blog last week as our camera was being used in the process of printing pictures for our year book.  Now we are back on target.
This week we used our imaginations and our play dough, along with odds and ends, to create bugs.  You will see this fun activity on the  blog.  Adorable bee hats that are shown were also created.  The Whole Notes loved both activities. 
Some friends are playing with a magnetic game in which spring scenes are being made using flowers, butterflies and the like.  Other children are reading seasonal books in the library or writing about this same theme in their journals.
In between our learning and fun, Ava's birthday was celebrated.  The pictures are being forwarded to you now.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Repair and Apologies

These are the pictures that should have gone out with this week's blog.  I do not know what happened but some of last year's pictures with the same numbers appeared in the middle of the blog.  Read the previous message and look at these pictures.  I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

The Ants Go Marching One By One...

Our main focus this week was on learning about ants.  Some facts the class was interested in included how the Queen ant only lays eggs, if a new Queen is born the soldier ants fly away with her to another colony, boys are the soldier ants and the worker ants are all girls.  Everyone enjoyed hearing the books "The Ant Bully" and "Hey Little Ant", both of which teach us respect for insects.
In the blog you will see children creating individual ant hills along with Jackie's huge ant which was a hit.  Also Cory is completing a difficult letter puzzle with both upper and lower case alphabet.  Alex is presenting the letter box for our last time.  He is showing us a zipper for the letter "Z".  Anthony is practicing that letter in his alphabet book.
Wesley celebrated his fifth birthday.  He treated us to a little magic trick in which he pulled a colorful fabric square out of an empty plush magician's bag.  Cupcakes topped with Star Wars rings were a treat for all!
Finally is a view of our group creating beautiful bouquets of flowers made by "squishing" paint.  This gorgeous display is on a bulletin board in the hall.

Deb has asked us to pass along information about a fund raiser taking place for the new school.  Ms. Alanna will work individually with each child to create a piece of a large mural.  When finished the pieces will be put together to make a mural to hang in the new school.  The details as to the price per child are posted outside our classroom.  See Deb if you have questions.