Sunday, December 16, 2018

Germs, Germs, Germs...

Our main highlight this week was focusing on how to stay healthy.  We read stories about germs and how they are spread, along with ways to take care of yourself should you become sick.  Ask your preschooler about it.  He/she may tell you about staying home in your pajamas or bed if you are not feeling well.  You may hear about having hot soup, drinking lots of water or taking medicine.  In our pictures you will observe some friends demonstrating how to use a tissue for your nose or how to cough or sneeze into your elbow.  Believe it or not, as teachers we encourage these lessons every single day.  The group created a face along with a good health poem that was sent home this week.  The plate has a string on it so that you can hang it up and use it as a reminder for correct behavior.

Another fun highlight was a visit from Animal Craze.  The most adorable soft and fluffy animals came-except for two pot belly pigs.  They were cute but far from soft and cuddly.  The animals were in pens and the class could go right in and touch them.  Goats could be brushed.  Bunnies, chickens and ducks could be picked up.  We tied in the germ topic by discussing how animals need help to stay healthy and also how important it is to wash ones hands with soap and water after touching these visitors.

Eleanor presented the letter "F" with a very full letter box as shown here.  She is holding her flowers from her box.  On letter days, as we have told you, we try to put out toys beginning with the letter of the week.  Here you see two Whole Notes using a felt house game.  Another is creating the letter "F" with our new alphabots.  Our good friend Mr. Walter came in to use our ramp game.  By using paper towels he was able to cause friction in keeping with our special sound.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Winter Fun Continues...

Our letter of the week was "E".  The lower case "e" is difficult for writing because it does not start at the top.  However Anthony did a great job filling the letter box.  He even modeled his ears for the camera.

Our activities seen in the blog are a continuation of last week's theme of winter.  You will observe children cutting and decorating the snow people on our bulletin board.  Others are playing with the snow like floof.  One child actually formed a snow person out of it.  Friends had a great time making paper chains which were creatively turned into a menorah and a Christmas tree-our winter holidays-in our classroom.  Take a look.  Candles, gifts and ornaments were added for both.  Literacy was tied in twice.  Once with appropriate holiday words printed and posted with this art work and again with the creating of holiday pages in our journals.

Mr Walter forwarded us some pictures from music class with Miss Lisa.  The Whole Notes are loving doing exercises and rhythms with the parachute.

If any of our families observe a holiday other than Chanukah or Christmas, please let us know.  You would be welcome to come in and teach us about your celebration.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ready For Winter

This week our main theme was winter.  We know!  We're rushing it by a couple of weeks!  The children had lots of fun talking about activities appropriate for winter such as skiing, sledding, skating and playing ice hockey.  At circle the group acted these out and discussed the necessary safety issues involved.  On a bulletin board a snow mountain was created with cotton.  An ice pond was formed with silver paper.  Lo and behold, the aforementioned winter enthusiasts in decorative attire appeared like magic.  Take a peek at our winter board which we will add to this week.  On our blog are pictures of some busy friends creating this adorable seasonal scene. 

To tie in literacy with art you will see a Whole Note member (one of several) printing words about winter to also put up on display.  There are youngsters drawing in their journals to create a page about something fun to do in winter along with writing a few words to go along with it.  A few friends dictated stories for a teacher to write.

A child on the blog is coloring winter pictures.  You might think this is not creative.  But this activity serves a real purpose.  First of all spatial relationships are learned and the ability to color inside the lines is practiced.  Otherwise these two strengths can get pushed aside.  The names of the colors on the crayons become sight words for reading.

Our letter box was back this week and Davy was our presenter which you will observe here.  The letters "D" and "d" were formed with wooden pieces for demonstration and words beginning with that particular sound were written on our white board as shown.  Toys starting with "D" were put out  on letter box day as evidenced by the picture with the doll house.  Everyone practiced this letter in upper and lower case form in their letter books and drew a picture along with it.  You can see a great sketch of Davy here obviously because of the first letter in his name.

Ryan became a big brother to a little sister.  We celebrated his status by reading a book about a new baby.  A discussion about the baby's age happened at lunch.  The group decided that she was zero years old because she had not as yet had a birthday.  Old siblings were celebrated also as seen in the big sister and little sister photo here.

Finally you can smile over the picture of a "table for two".  This is something new in our classroom.  When the class is full our lunch tables are crowded.  So we came up with the idea of giving two children a chance to be together in a setting where they can communicate quietly- a pair who might not choose each other's companionship during the school day.  There is an element of trust, respect and responsibility to be learned here along with the hope of promoting a new friendship.  The "chosen two" love it.  Everyone has had at least one turn at this but we have not as yet posted it on the blog.  As you can see, a lot of learning, creativity, laughter and socialization happens here over the week.