Saturday, June 16, 2018

Extra Special Happenings

Some really exciting events have happened in the Whole Note Room over the last two weeks.  First was at show and tell last week.  Devika brought in her new baby sister (with the help of her parents).  The children actually lined up to have a turn to peek at the beautiful baby.  Good idea Devika!

Alice lost her first tooth-the right lower interior- which you see in the picture.  Gaurav lost left and right lower interior teeth.  Justin's new tooth came in!

This week the class had three birthday celebrations.  In the order of our festivities: first it was Alice's special day to turn 5.  She came in all dressed up in her finest for her day.  Next was Zachary's birthday.  Although his special day is not until summer, we all wanted to be part of his celebration so we moved it up a bit.  Finally Cyrus shared treats with us a couple of weeks early for his milestone day.

At long last we finished our journals after a whole school year's worth of work.  By now you should have seen this wonderful achievement in the bag you took home on Friday.

These are the last blog photos of the year.  The time flew right by.  As teachers we have loved working with your children, each and every one of them.  For us, teaching preschool is a labor of love!  We appreciate all of your kind words and support of our program.  Thank you for sharing your most possessions-your children-with us.  Please bring the graduates back to visit next year.  If you are not coming to camp next week, have a terrific summer.
Rolene and Jackie

Saturday, June 2, 2018

"Spring Has Sprung"

Finally the warm weather has arrived!  We have been spending more time outdoors developing our gross motor skills and having more chances to mingle with friends from other classes.  Obviously the Whole Notes are also having lots of fun in the sun! 

We will be having our last show and tell activity this coming Wednesday, June 6th.  Please help your child to select an appropriate item to bring in on that day.  Add your child's name to it.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Peek Into the Future

We had such fun this week trying on appropriate attire for a profession your child might choose as a grown up.  Of course the fact that he/she might have a change of heart between now and then was also mentioned.  One child pointed out that before you could think about adulthood, you had to first grow up to be a teenager.  Enjoy the accompanying pictures from our delightful dramatic play using our great imaginative skills.

What will they be?...
A chef to make you a tasty treat
So yummy it can't be beat.

The Fire Chief who protects us all
Fighting fires big and small.

Fly'em low, fly'em high
Zooming, zooming, touch the sky.
Oh my goodness, what a riot
Our very own fighter pilots.

Hurry, hurry, get in your rocket
Close the door, be sure to lock it.
Our astronaut will reach the moon
Hope he'll remember to come back soon.

A princess with her special look
A librarian to read your favorite book.
Two lovely ladies sipping tea
Who do you think they could be?

Do not fear or shed a tear
We are lucky the doctor is here.
If you're sick you cannot hide
He will surely say to open wide.

The following is a message from Miss Yuting:  Families, you are invited to observe your child's music lesson at the following times over the next 2 weeks  Please RSVP at
Wednesday 5/30 10-2
Wednesday 6/6 10-2
Wednesday 6/13 10-2
Friday 6/1 11-12
Friday 6/8 9-12


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Puddle Stompers and Birthdays

The whole school enjoyed a visit from Puddle Stompers.  Some of the highlights included the exploration of the life cycle of a ladybug, dragon fly and frog.  We learned the terms cocoon, chrysalis and metamorphosis.  Another lesson was that an insect has 6 legs, while a bug has only 4 legs.  The teacher, Miss Melissa, showed us a beetle close up with its hard outer shell.

All of us climbed a hill (behind our school fence) with tools in hand to dig for insects, worms and eggs.  Our leader helped us locate a small log with bark that could be peeled back to reveal baby centerpieds and eggs.  The discovery fascinated all of us.

In our classroom we tied this science exploration to our literacy program.  Each child drew a picture of an insect or frog that he/she was interested in and wrote matching words.  The journals will be sent home at the end of the year.  You will be very proud of your child's accomplishments.

A celebration for Devika's 5th birthday was fun for all.  You can see her Great Grandmother in the family photo.  Since the teachers are grandmothers, we just love the multi-generational picture!  Happy Birthday Devika.