Saturday, March 23, 2019

More Art and Self-Portraits

There was such a variety of happenings here this week!  Scattered throughout the blog are children working on still another artist's style.  This time it is Van Gogh whose well known name speaks for itself.  The children are learning how he painted "The Starry Night" from memory.  Anymore information on this project is a surprise for the art show.

Eleanor presented the letter box  for "S".  She is shown here holding items that begin with that sound.  As all of our friends have had a turn to fill the box, we are now picking names from a "bag" to give out the rest of the alphabet letters in a fair manner.  Eleanor was the first one in our group  to win the jackpot  Some of our Whole Note members are looking at beginning readers that begin with "S"-Sam's Bath, Sam's Lamp, and Sam's Ball.  We offer early readers as part of our "Hooked On Phonics" program.

Elsa is practicing on the violin.  Miss Lisa takes all children to have individual attention before the regular class which includes the entire group. 

At the beginning of the year each child completed a self-portrait.  This exercise is being repeated which is why friends are looking in mirrors to view hair color,  eye color and more.  Once completed the growth in fine motor skills and ability to draw a person with details will be compared between the two drawings.  These two pictures will be given to you in our school year book to be made by the class.

Finally let's not forget our daily snack!  Annika is enjoying hers.  We all do!  Thanks for all the delicious fruit that comes our way.

Our blog ends with Leticia, also completing her Van Gogh project.  She had been absent when other class members finished their paintings.  If possible the teachers try to have everyone be able to take advantage of all good things offered here.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Busy, Busy, Busy...

We worked on many different areas this week as you will see from the pictures on the blog.  They are all intermingled as a few photos are taken daily.  Some friends are working on our second project for the upcoming art show.  The group is being very creative to express the influence  of artist Gustav Klimt.  For those of  you unfamiliar with him, Klimt is especially famous for the painting titled "The Woman in Gold".  This was actually the name of a wonderful movie for adults in theaters a few years ago.  Gustav Klimt was a painter of women.  He used different shapes and colors, his favorite color being gold.  He was commissioned by her husband to paint a portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer, dressed in fancy clothing with lots of jewelry.  Her choker was especially lavish.  The painting hung in their living room.  At some point the necklace was handed down to Adele's niece.

Many years later the portrait was stolen by the Nazis and hung in a museum in Austria.  Adele's niece saw the painting and recognized the choker immediately as the gift from her aunt.  With legal help, she was able to regain ownership of the painting and it now hangs in a museum in New York City.  One of our parents told us he located the movie of "The Woman in Gold" in the library.  You might also like to see it.  It will help you to appreciate your preschooler's finished product for the art show.

Other photos here include Anthony working with our Hooked on Phonics program.  It helps those who are reading or ready to read to put letters together and form groups such as hat, cat, rat, and pat.  We will be doing more of this reading readiness work.

There are children matching up rhyming words.  At circle we played a game where each one had part of a pair of rhyming words and had to find the mate.  We have been reading books filled with rhymes.  In our journals this week we drew pictures of objects that rhyme and wrote the matching words.  These activities are preparation for next year.

Maddie's fifth birthday was celebrated with delicious cookies and much fun and laughter.  A new toy of  cupcakes was introduced into our dress up area.  Whole Note children became waiters and waitresses an diners in restaurants.  The group loves this new phase of dramatic play.

Once again you will see the letter box.  Cory is holding his race car for the letter "R".  He was so proud to have his turn.  Cory waited very patiently as he was our last class member to present the box.  Eleanor and Nastia are writing "R" and "r" in their letter books.  More learning and great times to follow in next week's blog.


Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Tumble Bus

Our class had a sensational time on the Tumble Bus!   This was the first visit of its kind to our school.  Instead of seats on the school bus, there was an obstacle course including the following:  a slide, a tire swing, monkey bars, a tunnel, a rope to climb, balancing blocks, rings to pull yourself  up  and a trampoline.  The pictures here tell it all.  Each child could go around the course several times.  Bright smiles could be seen and lots of laughter heard.  This was physical activity at its best.

Once again you will see the letter box.  The teachers filled it for the tough letter "Q".  You will see youngsters holding up some of these items such as quarterback, quilt, question mark and more.  The group did very well answering riddles requiring an answer beginning with "Q".  Next week we will be sending the box home with a class member.

We ask you to please check your child's extra clothing at school.  Make sure he/she has everything needed that fits and is appropriate for the season.  Socks are very important as feet get wet in the snow.  Thanks for your cooperation.