Saturday, April 21, 2018

Triple the Fun

Although the Whole Notes always have a great time, we especially enjoyed three activities this week.  The first was a visit from "Magic Balloons".  We were treated to a show of magic tricks.  Some of the highlights involved a live white dove and white rabbit appearing suddenly.  Objects came out of children's ears.  A plain white cloth became an American flag.  Things disappeared and reappeared.  The whole school was mesmerized by the very age appropriate performance of magic.  Some children were called upon to assist the magician.  Obviously not everyone could be chosen.  But each child chuckled with glee as he/she received a magic balloon figure to take home.  Back in our classroom we read a story by Jamie Lee Curtis titled "Where Do Balloons Go?"  Then we all shared ideas about the answer to that question.  Some thoughts on the topic were:  they land on a cloud, go up and away in space, go to Florida, get caught in a tree, and go over the ocean until they lose their helium and go into the water.  These were clever theories.

The second round of fun believe it or not was studying ants.  The group was fascinated to learn the three parts of the ant-both black and red.  We identified for instance the queen  ant and worker ants and how they live in an ant colony.  We saw pictures of ant hills and diagrams showing the various rooms that are in an ant hill.  Yes it is true that there are different rooms.  Did you know that ants kiss?  Or that they  message each other through their antennae?  There was a lot more information presented.  Ask your child about it.  Stories about an ant bully and ant eater were popular.  You of course saw our art work about ants that went home.  We also drew pictures and wrote words to create a page about ants in our journals.

Last but not least was our fun project that we refer to as "squishy flowers".  First we glued vases onto large paper and drew stems with markers.  Then spoonfuls of paint were dropped onto the stems.  Finally we put wax paper on top of the paint and used our muscles and finger tips to squish the paint.  The wax paper was removed and viola!  A beautiful bouquet of flowers appeared.  Check them out.  They are on the bulletin board in the hall.  Words about the growth of flowers were written by the group to connect the literacy piece to this art endeavor.

The teachers sent you all notes if you were missing the extra clothes that are supposed to be kept in your preschooler's cubby.  Please respond by completing this task.  Children spill water or snack on themselves, have bathroom accidents, need a sweatshirt or sweater if they get cold, etc.  Help us to take the best care of your youngsters!  Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Different Ways We Learn

On this week's blog you can see the beautiful place mats the children wove at school.  Using construction paper and wall paper all different patterns were created.  Not only is weaving a beginning math skill, it is also great for eye-hand coordination and fine motor development.  The mats will be used daily at lunchtime so that each classmate has a specific place for his/her own food.

Some children shown here are having a great time using their imaginations for pretend play as seen with the friends who are cooking and those enjoying an "old yet new again" castle that was a discard from another classroom.  Sharing toys and caring for others' feelings is being learned here.

Planning, negotiating and cooperating with others is taking place with the use of the trains, gears and foam blocks.  This requires patience and the acceptance of  different ideas.

Finally there are a few snapshots of youngsters drawing self-portraits which helps to make them aware of their body parts.  These were done at the beginning of the year also.  Some Whole Note members add details such as eyelashes and fingers.  Others are still working on adding hands and feet.  In the yearbook we will send home in June you will be able to compare the two versions and see the growth made in representational drawings over almost ten months of time.  Also in this special "keepsake" book we will include the items made for the art show that have not as yet been sent home. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Bunnies and Egg Hunt, Passover Snacks and Old Becomes New

The children in our school form a diverse population.  Here we learn about and respect the traditions of many different cultures.  This week was full of excitement for the annual Easter egg hunt.  The Whole Notes turned ordinary white shopping bags into bunnies to be used for collecting eggs up on the hill behind the school.  You will see the class working on their creations earlier in the week and at the end of the week taking part in the egg hunt.  In between is a picture of some friends enjoying an old toy which is new to them.  They have aptly named it "tracks".  Two other photos are of the class experiencing a special snack for the Passover holiday

We hope to see you at the Art Show on April 8th.  Your youngsters have loved learning about and imitating the styles of our different artists.  We also did some sculpture work.  Before then have a great time on vacation with your children..

Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Variety of Things

Over the course of a week, the Whole Notes are involved in a variety of adventures and explorations.  In this week's blog you can see: hugs with friends, creating sculptures for the art show, music lessons with Miss Lisa, dressing up in finery, exploring with magnets, dining with guests,, drawing with dot markers, learning to read with the Hooked on Phonics program, building with magnatiles and constructing with wedgits  Does all of this look like fun?  You bet it is!  Perhaps some of you adults wish that you could join right it!.