Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Special Visitor

The whole school was treated to a visit from Officer Matt Brown, Jayden's Dad.  In a kind and fun manner, he helped the children to learn all the important things that policemen or policewomen do to protect and help us.  Given the age of the audience, he focused for example on remembering to wear your helmet when riding on a bike or scooter, putting a seat belt on in in the car and of course learning about 911. 
Matt graciously showed us the motorcycle he drives in Cambridge and gave all our friends a chance to sit on it and pose for a picture on this week's blog.  One friend, as you will see at the end, preferred to simply wear the police uniform from our dress up area.  Just maybe some Whole Note members will remember this wonderful experience and decide to join a police force somewhere later on in life.  Thanks Matt for educating our class (teachers too) on all the hard work you do everyday to keep us safe.
Once again you will see the letter box photos which feature Emma Reilly with the letter "I"  She loved having her turn!  This coming week is very busy with holiday preparations so there will be no "letter of the week".  Again if you are going away early this coming week, please tell the teachers.  Otherwise keep sending mittens or gloves and hat each day (gloves only if your preschooler can put them on without help).

Saturday, November 16, 2019


Your children are hard at work in this weeks photos using all their fine motor skills and imagination to publish a special Thanksgiving book (as mentioned in last weeks blog).  We do not want to give you anymore information so as not to spoil the surprise.  There are also photos of friends making costumes for our all school feast.  So sit back, relax and smile as you enjoy this weeks pictures showing your child being creative and having a great deal of fun.  You might ask him/her what is happening but please do not press for details! 
Other Whole Note news:  We did not do the letter box this week in order to have enough time for these Thanksgiving projects.  However in the coming week we will learn about the letter "I" and also write in our journals about Thanksgiving to keep reinforcing our reading readiness abilities.  We welcomed Jayden back after many days of sickness and Emma R. after her wonderful vacation.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A World Of Peace

On this week's blog you will see photos of our main theme which was Veteran's Day in preparation for Monday's holiday.  Jackie told the class the story about her Dad and why he was awarded the purple heart medal.  Every youngster had a chance to see this impressive award close up along with a set of dog tags.  We then took this topic down to a preschooler's level of understanding.  We focused on being brave in tough situations and most especially on keeping peace in our lives.  This peace extended to being kind to others and making sure we all get along with one another.
Hopefully you saw the bird of peace puppet-a white dove- that came home with your child.  There are pictures of friends cutting out the dove which was a hard task due to its shape.  Others are coloring the dove or gluing on feathers.  We chose to use red, white and blue to be significant of the colors of America.
At the end of the week, not on the blog, we all created a page in our journals about peace.  The group could choose to copy from word cards with pictures and writing such as a peace sign, the world, hearts and the like.The teachers felt this lesson about bravery, peace and respect for those who protect us was most valuable.
Idris is featured with objects for the letter "H".  He is playing the harmonica and wearing a hat.  His family really "went to town" finding so many items for the box.  Teacher favorites were an animal who hibernates and the huge hamburger complete with cheese, pickles, onions and hot sauce.
The other blog pictures this week show your youngsters at play.  You might ask your son or daughter to tell you what is happening where he/she is shown.  Keep in mind, as we wrote in an earlier blog, play is children's work and the way in which they learn.  They are not only using their imaginations, they are also cooperating with others, designing, planning and negotiating which are all important social skills.
Next week we will begin our Thanksgiving unit which includes a surprise project for our families.